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Welcome (back) to the blog! Holla….HOLLABACK! Started blogging in 2011 as a high school student and a decade later… OH MY GOSH! TEN years later (don’t know how that happened) here I am, bringing it back!

The last five years of just picking up a camera, taking a risk, and buying a website domain in college, to finally making Oh Miss a full-time job has been the hardest, but most rewarding experience in my life. This past year was hard but nonetheless challenged me in so many ways. For me, challenges mean learning, and learning means growing. It was time to renovate the website and bring back the blog. Time to share glimpses of stories I get the privilege of capturing and hopefully, maybe, if I stay organized a bit…sharing bits and pieces of my heart because after all, that’s what my blog was ten years ago – nothing photo in mind (at the time!), all heart, all learning, all growing.

So, here we are! Let’s bring this baby back! A huge thank you to my mom for always keeping a camera in my face as I grew up and for the many writing tutors she made me go to, even though I know I complained a whole lot. Looks like mamas are always right, ha. Also, A BIG THANK YOU TO ARIEL of Ariel Kuhn Creative for first and foremost being my friend, but also for making a website that reflects the heart of who I am. You are a GEM, a true treasure. I am so thankful!

Welcome Back to the Blog + a Brand New Site!

a few kind words:

"I cannot say enough great things about Meghan. Before the wedding I was nervous about how it was all going to go but also excited. Meghan made it So. Much. Fun!!! Her high energy and enthusiasm made the whole day feel flawless. She hypes you up the whole time and really gets your good side. I love that she caught so many candid moments. Our pictures are absolutely amazing. I could not ask for better! Again I just cannot say enough. If you don’t book Megh, you’re missing out on not only great pictures but an amazing friend!"

Monique dye

a few kind words:

"I first met Meghan when she was photographing a wedding, but have since had her do several family photo sessions for us. Her personality and energy can’t be beat and I have no idea how she gets photos edited so fast. She thinks of all the extra touches and goes above and beyond. I love her style and she is so talented. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing photographer in the Columbus area!"

amy davis

a few kind words:

“We loved our experience with Meghan! She was organized, efficient, and brought so much energy to the shoot! The session was quick and easy, which is essential with a young family. Once we arrived and Meghan took over I realized she had an easy and natural energy. We got a mix of both candid and posed pictures with a lot of natural light and brightness, but Meghan's energy was easily my favorite part of the process. Her joyfulness and warmth blend perfectly with her talent as a photographer. She is just so fun to be around. How can you not smile with such joy exuding from behind the camera?

britt straka

a few kind words:

"Meghan was so amazing! She made us so comfortable and was so energetic. She was great at communicating and getting back with us and so helpful in helping us create our wedding timeline. We got our pictures back quickly and LOVE them. We will use her for family pictures and any time we need professional pictures in the future!"

jessica fowee